About Our Pilot at Indy Hot Air, LLC

Jack Semler has been involved in aviation his entire adult career. With over 29 years in the aviation industry, Jack’s love of ballooning came from his first balloon ride and date with his wife Lynn, 19 years ago. When Jack is not at the controls of the burner of Indy Hot Air’s balloon, “Chasing Dreams”, he flies as a Captain and instructor/examiner for a worldwide cargo airline, out of Anchorage Alaska.

Jack enjoys taking people up for the first time, to show them how magical a balloon ride can be.

Chasing Dreams by Indy Hot Air

Chasing Dreams

Our Balloon for Rides

Indy Hot Air uses a 2000 Aerostar International RX-8. With a volume of 90,000 cubic feet, standing 70 feet tall and 60 feet wide. It was named after a long time dream of wanting to fly balloons. It’s affectionately called, “Chasing Dreams”.

Our Shape Balloons

Oggy the Friendly Dragon by Indy Hot Air

Oggy the Friendly Dragon

Indy Hot Air Uses a 1996 special shape balloon, designed by Aerostar International, that is sure to draw a crowd to your event, or promote your product. "Oggy the Friendly Dragon", stands at 143 feet tall, and has a volume of 175,000 cubic feet. More than twice the size of a normal balloon. Oggy, has special designed belly, hat can accept your company logo. Oggy draws a big crowd! Follow Oggy the Friendly Dragon on his Facebook page!
Smiley Scarecrow by Indy Hot Air

Smiley Scarecrow

Smiley Scarecrow is a 160,000 cubic feet balloon standing 120 feet tall. His bright, whimsical shape stands above the crowd in a warm welcoming way. Smiley is capable of holding your company's banner for advertising while he graces the skies! Follow Smiley Scarecrow Hot Air Balloon on Facebook for his journeys worldwide!

If you are interested in booking either or both shapes for an upcoming event, please contact us at specialshapes@indyhotair.com.